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So here’s some more work that was done over my livestream. The commission (right) I’m pretty proud of, it was my first crack at drawing a scrawny gal and I think I did fairly well for a first attempt…

I’m very proud of the Gypsy pic however, very sci-fi appearance that I was kinda fiddling around with. Hope you enjoy! :D

Commissions still open! Rates/contact info/yes-no’s here…

Some more awesome stream arts by Muse.


So here’s a walk in commission I got, which was admittedly very fun to work on. I don’t much care for anime for the most part (a few get me) but the opportunity to work on two of my favourite kinks (Huge breasts and Lactation) was a huge plus for me on this project. Also done in three hours!

Commissions are still open and I take walk in commission work during my streams, the turn around for the latter is usually the same night if not the next day or two! Regular commission work is of course better composed and more time is spent on them, however if you just want something fast and dirty, walk ins are the way to go!

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The beautiful Muse has done it again! I had the pleasure of watching this piece get made from blank canvas to finished painting. Good arts and good music, her streams are always enjoyable.

Sex Industry Respect.


Please take a moment to view this comic strip about a serious issue in the sex industry.

When this comes up in conversation, I always try and defend the sex industry in its many avenues. I try to put it unto words, but this comic strip does it so damn well.

Please take a moment and read this little bit about respect. Thank you!

Some excellent insight into the reality of the sex industry. Be they strippers, courtesans (I prefer that term over prostitutes/whores), or porn stars, women (and some men, if you go to gay strip clubs and such) are human beings providing their clients with a paid service. They deserve respect just like any other paid worker providing a service.

Part 1 of a 5-part commission for Mizuki Nagano. Looks like we get to see just how generous puberty was to the muscle-bound futa goddess! It’s a night just like any other in her high rise apartment, but her hormones are playing a different tune tonight. Without stimulation she’s already starting to dribble a bit of precum. She better be careful with that already massive tool in the coming hours!

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More: Commission Info - Deviantart - HentaiFoundry - Blog

And finally here’s the great ending scene!!
I think there isn’t too much to say about this, this piece tells all for itself, but I must confess that I really love the perspective and the pose. It’s so fucking hard, naughty but sexy pose, and the futa girls look so large, imposing, and domineering…. so hot! But also, this pose focus our attention in the beautiful nerd, who is the star in this whole series. I really love the way the two futas loom large over the nerdy (who is fully transformed now), and how she looks overwhelmed in orgasmic bliss while she feels those enormous cocks filling her very stretched holes.

In the cum version, you can see that the futa friends have flooded her entire body, and now cum is gushing out of her mouth, asshole and pussy… Delicious!!!!

Holy *&@*#buiGH*(@#!!!

Well, it’s official. VincentCC is a hentai goddess! I didn’t think I’d ever see Sparrow level proportions in a realistic style. Here it is!

Keep it up woman!


A picture of Gypsy (left) and her baby sister, Moira (right) gettin’ freaky butt style.

So I didn’t actually draw this, this was a 20$ commission from aka6 ( ) and probably the best 20 bucks I’ve spent in a long while now. Gypsy’s hair is a bit off in colour but otherwise nailed her look and made Moira look pretty sexy too!

I’ll be opening commissions again pretty soon so keep an eye out! :D

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Woo! Hot!

Always loved Gypsy, and her little sister Moira is just as sexy, while still being youthful and naive.

Here she certainly looks like she really loves her big sis.


"Unf! Unnnf! Nnnnf! Nnnnnnnnnn…!"

Gypsy could barely hear the other woman’s grunts over her own desperate moaning, the dickgirl on top of her was relentless and almost as insatiable as the dark elf was. What had started off as the end of a vacation trying to sneak in a tan before winter; became the loud oily flesh slapping ravaging that the woman known as Meyumi was doling out.

Not that the redheaded elf minded in the least, their breasts colliding with each thrust up in to her vaginal canal and the sticky lewd reports of Mey-Mey’s cum being forced out for lack of space to occupy inside.

Gypsy had given up hope the woman atop her would wear a condom, apparently the sight of the dark elf wearing her national flag bikini spread eagle; glimmering as every inch of her skin was covered in tan oil and laying on the blanket was too much. Before she knew it, the tattooed four eyed woman was upon her.

Having lost count of how many orgasms she had, she guessed it was somewhere in the double digits by now. How many Meyumi had was a toss up, the copious amount of cum she produced made it impossible to tell.

Finally with one last thrust and a finishing cry from Gypsy as she finished her last peak simultaneously; Mey-Mey hung her head and came to a halt. The dark elf opened her eyes, blinking a few times to clear blurry vision while her toes tingled numb with delight,

"Oooooh… Mmmmmm… done are we?" Came her voice, a bit shaky and short of breath but her down under accent was unmistakably clear.

"Ooof… I… I think so…"

"Good, get off’a me, you’re blockin’ me sun."

So this is what happens when you commission me to draw Gypsy, a sexy and sultry dark elf redhead; with an equally sexy and sultry dickgirl OC. Lots of frustration on my part as this pic held my up quite a bit (I had to take the week to get over the melt down frustration from it) but overall I’d say a pretty killer piece of work and a sexy story to go with. Overall, really fun project, I look forward to working with Mey-Mey in the future. Trying to talk her in to some sort of canon between her and Gypsy x3

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Another beautiful piece from Muse, made during a couple solid streams.

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